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A Joyful Children's Day
On May 31st, ahead of Children's Day, the Youth League Committee of Ningshing Holdings led a delegation of young representatives to Baifeng Education Group, a newly merged entity encompassing the former Beilun Baifeng Primary School and Baifeng Middle School. The visit aimed to extend a festive celebration for the upcoming Children's Day on June 1st, as well as to present the "Ningshing Scholarship" to outstanding students.Mr. Qiu Song, the Youth League Committee Secretary of Ningshing Holdings, extended heartfelt greetings and well-wishes to Baifeng Education Group on behalf of the company. He emphasized Ningshing's unwavering commitment to nurturing a joyful childhood for every student, supporting the teaching staff in enhancing educational quality, and expressed aspirations for the continuous improvement of Baifeng Education Group.Accompanied by Mr. Shi Rujun, the Party Branch Secretary and President of Baifeng Education Group, the Ningshing representatives enjoyed a vibrant program of June 1st celebration. They listened to presentations on the school's educational achievements and toured the Baifeng Middle School, which was currently undergoing renovations.
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